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Therapy provided by Julia

Thinking about Counselling?

If you are thinking about contacting a counsellor it can feel quite intimidating. My goal is to put you at ease in a confidential space and help you gain a deeper understanding of what is happening.  Whether you are looking to cope with a specific mental health concern, better manage difficult emotions or simply want some peace, talking can help.

I am an experienced, BACP registered counsellor.  I  offer you a professional, safe pair of hands in therapy.  I listen to you, understand you, and empathise without prejudice or opinion. Counselling is a safe harbour to share life’s challenges with somebody you know will ‘hear’ you whilst offering unconditional trust and support. For some people, contacting a professional is a big step.  I have experience with supporting people in finding ways in which to manage emotions, relationships, anxieties or losses.
Counselling can help you discover the tools to help build healthy connections with the important people in your life.  In short, a good counselling relationship can facilitate lasting change.

If you have things on your mind that you haven’t been able to share or figure out on your own, contacting me could be a good option for you. If you decide it is - I would be delighted to hear from you.

What I Offer:

A professional, therapeutic, caring, trustworthy, confidential relationship where we can build an honest dialogue around what you most want to discuss or explore. 


I currently offer online  and face to face sessions at various times of the week and face to face counselling in Surrey and Hampshire.  I offer short term or long term work with each session lasting 50 minutes.

I also offer a free 15 minute informal chat via telephone.

About Me

My name is Julia, I am a warm, friendly, and practical individual who is passionate about counselling. I have a deep interest in people and their unique stories. 


 My artistic background enables me to offer a creative and adaptive approach to exploring one’s feelings with an open mind and without judgement.

I know how valuable this relationship can be; someone to listen to and support us during our most challenging times. If it’s bothering you, we can discuss it.

Therapy means change.

Julia Nowak

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